Meet Team Ishmael

Captain Jarrad Pitts

Jarrad grew up on boats in the Great Lakes and obtained his Captains license in 2003 so he could share this way of life with as many people as possible. He has sailed both coastal and offshore in areas of the North Atlantic, Caribbean, and Great Lakes. Sharing those experiences and adventures with others is what drives him. From racing large yachts, cruising tropical islands, day sails, and windy days in wet suits on Hobie cats, Jarrad believes there is no better way to spend your time than shaping the wind.”The first time I set foot on a large sailboat someone told me ‘with a little patience and knowledge, you can sail the world forever, for free’. To this day I find that true freedom is found in knowing that whatever happens around me, it is my actions and what I do that influence my journey. It’s always that way on a sailboat. No matter what the wind and water is doing, its always my actions that drive the boat and take me where I want to go. “

Cyndi has been engaged in sailing all her life. From cruising Lake Michigan with her family as far back as she can remember and island hopping in the Virgin Islands, to working at the local yacht club in high school and remaining in the yacht club business today, there has never been a time that she can’t remember daily life involving sailing and the people that embrace the lifestyle. Having finally taken the time to earn her Captains license in 2011, Cyndi is looking forward to sharing this way of life with others.”I was fortunate enough to grow up on a sailboat…. I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t a part of my life. Being on the water is a part of who I am. Its a very powerful feeling to harness wind, and having the skills and knowledge to do so is the ultimate experience in freedom. Sailing has always given me perspective on life…it levels me, and when I’m on the water all is right with my world…”

Captain Cyndi Nicholson